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The Red Obsession's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Red Obsession

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MIKE B. of BIG BANG RADIO [20 Mar 2009|02:35pm]


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New member [03 Jun 2006|06:22pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi all. I joined this community because I wanted to share my love for anything red. I love red color because it's vibrant and beautiful. I know red can be overpowering for some, but red reminds me of life giving substance --- blood. It gives life to everything and you just can't avoid it no matter how hard you try to eliminate it from your life because even your body carries red cells. Even my living room and other decor are red and black.

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exquisite red [16 Jun 2005|02:38pm]

[ mood | loved ]

i am in love with red.
i am 'the red'
blood red. crimson red.

much red related art on my website.

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fake redhead [12 Jun 2005|08:29am]
Hi, wanted to let everyone know about a new community I've made for fake redheads. You can find it here fake_redheads. Since red fades so fast and there are so many shades, I thought it was relevant to make a community just for us. Please come check it out & join if you're a redhead at heart.

(This is NOT a rating community or a place to pick up chicks. Harassment of members, sexual or otherwise, will not be tolerated.)
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[22 Apr 2005|10:13pm]

red is the best actually
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GAWDDAMN!!!! [08 Apr 2005|04:27am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

a frikkin communitee dedicated to the best color in the world!!!
well...I'm |erica nicole|, i ♥ anything red....& i like taking pictures at times:
im serious..i ♥ the color..Collapse )

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[10 Mar 2005|04:36pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

OMFG! I love red. And of course, it is the sexy colour of my fire truck red guitar! :D

i <3 red.

\m/. Erica

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My Red loving friends... [08 Nov 2004|06:09pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A while back someone posted about making this community more sexy and red-licious! If you wish to contact me to send me red stuffs to decorate this journal (icons, backgrounds, etc), please feel free: demonalissa@livejournal.com

The obsession must be done in style after all. ;D

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[29 Aug 2004|06:58pm]

red jell-o always tastes the best.

I am debating whether or not to make the curtains in my new apartment red or beige. I don't want to over-do the red. It could get real old, real fast.
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[18 May 2004|09:05pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm painting my nails crimson right now. REALLY AWESOME COLOR!

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yay! [11 Apr 2004|01:56am]
hey everyone im new...i have natural red hair...


im a picture whore..
Read more...Collapse )<lj-cut
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[01 Apr 2004|09:37pm]

I am drawn to anything red. Of course, I think I've partially conditioned myself that way, but that's not the point...

Question. I have dark hair and blue eyes with a pale complexion, and I've always wanted to be able to wear red lipstick without it looking sloppy or just plain awful. Um... how?
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[14 Mar 2004|02:26pm]

I love colour co-ordinating red. There's just something about teeming a red and black skirt with some red earrings and lipstick.

Or my red shoes with a red top and eyeshadow and a big red bangle.

Red just seems to be so powerful. I hate walking into say, a chain store that picks its colours for the season and seeing that they think red isn't in!

Not that I care whats in or not obviosuly, it's just good to stock up on red t-shirts and things!

yay red.
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[03 Mar 2004|11:21pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hello, I saw this community and I thought wow!
I LOVE the colour red.
nearly all my clothes are red, and i have about twenty three red lipsticks.
my walls are red.
people know me as "the girl who always wears red"
yay for red!

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Wow! [21 Feb 2004|12:28pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This is my new home. *sigh* I love red....and yes, I've been teased about it. My room is decorated red...the majority of my clothing is red...and yeah. This is fun!!

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I'm red and thick like fire... [23 Jan 2004|11:01pm]

Je m'appelle Piper, and red is my favourite colour. It is just that simple. Ever since I was a little girl
and I saw the little mermaid with her cloud of glorious red locks, I have been hooked. Red is my
best colour for clothes, we just go so perfectly together. And my dark red hair is probably my most
prominent feature. One time this guy called me by saying, "Hey, Red." and it just made my day.
And of course when I want to be seriously glam, red is the only colour that I will allow to grace my
lips...Screw blue, I will forever be a Red Girl...
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[16 Jan 2004|08:05am]

AH! A red community! YAY!

I love red. I love it to the depths of my burning little core. I've dyed my hair red several times before; I collect red lipsticks and red eyeshadows and nail polishes; over 50% of my clothes are red and when I buy new clothing, I always see if they have it in red first. My boyfriend and family are getting annoyed at my red fetish. Hehe. Oh, also, when I was younger, I even wanted to paint my room red, but my mother balked at the idea and wouldn't allow it.

I love this place already. :D
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[31 Dec 2003|09:52pm]

It didn't say anything in the rules about not promoting in here.
But, if it's not allowed feel free to delete this.

Come try out. <3
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Red hot progressive lot on gothicauctions.com! [21 Dec 2003|08:55pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Hi, I decided to wander over to my pal demonalissa's community because I have something that I have no doubt will be of interest to you all.

Right now, and for the next 21 days on gothauctions.com, I'm running a fantabulous progressive auction lot of wonderful red and burgundy clothing and stuff. What is a progressive auction, you ask? Well, basically it's an auction where you can walk away with loads of cool stuff. It's very simple. Everytime a bid is placed, I add something new - and add even bigger, cooler items at special bidding milestones along the way.

My starting bid for this auction is $5.00, and I have 10 cool items already, with more to come. There are many beautiful velvets and lovely things in my closet, as demonalissa will attest, so come on over and check it out! :D


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[19 Dec 2003|11:27am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey everyone. I'm Iya and I love red and its forms (dark red, light red, cherry red, etc). Its my favorite color, mind you. At least one item of my clothing is red, everyday. Woop!


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